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A flower child of the 60’s, Carolyn Gavin grew up in South Africa, studied both graphic design and painting. and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. In 2007, she started Ecojot with her family, an eco-friendly paper business. Carolyn designs fabric, house wares, packaging, books, kids bedding and more. Some of her clients include: Anthropologie, Botanical Garden Centre (Harvard), Ekorrens Ekologiska Swedish Chocolate, Fisher-Price, Flow Magazine, Jane Goodall Institute, Land of Nod, L'Occitan, Tag Home Decor, Trader Joe's, Unicef and Freespirit Fabrics. 

Carolyn works in Gouache, water-colour, pen and ink and vector. Finding inspiration in travel, flowers, exotic color and pattern, Carolyn makes sure her life is filled with beauty and creativity. 

To see more of Carolyn's art, visit her websites here:  ECOJOT and here:  Carolyn Gavin.

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