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Gabby Malpas is a Chinese-born, New Zealand artist who resides in Sydney, Australia. She works with watercolor on paper and has been exhibiting her art since 1987. Her watercolors are intricate portrayals of blended cultures and beautiful objects. Gabby's exquisite still life images include flora and fauna of NSW Australia with more than a hint of chinoiserie, colorful Peranakan pots and vases, Asian scenes, life of the coral reef, Malaysian batik fabrics, and more. Her paintings are recognizable for their whimsical colors and fine, delicate details. She exhibits her original paintings worldwide.

Her lovely art has been transferred onto silk scarves, china/pottery, wallpaper, fabrics, art posters, stationery and notecards, picnic blankets... and now needlepoint!

To see more of Gabby's art, visit her website here:  Gabby Malpas

Floral & Fruit Still Lifes
Animals, Birds, Bugs, etc.
Coral Reef Scenes
Peranakan/Asian Porcelain

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